The Motorcycle Accident That Forever Changed My Life

June 13th 2008 at 10:32pm was the day my life changed forever. That night I had just received good news. The cause and effect of that good news lead me to take the long way home. The plan was to take southwest 137th avenue all the way to 104th street east to the expressway. Upon driving on 137th avenue there was a car in the turning lane waiting to make a left turn at southwest 18th street. I was traveling south heading her direction. I had the green light and she had the green light as well, but she had to yield for oncoming traffic. I was about 100 feet away when she decided to turn right in front of me.

I had no time to react, so I slammed on breaks to avoid her. I ended up hitting the side of her car, flying through the front passenger side window, and my helmet hitting the side of her head. My helmet cracked her head opened and she later died on the way to the hospital. I on the other hand broke both arms, broke my left hip, both legs, dislocated knee, and a ruptured spleen. I was in a coma for two months, I lived in the hospital for six months, and I was not able to walk for ten months. When I flew in the car my body still hung half outside. Due to the blow to the head, she was knocked out and lost control of the car.

The car drifted in someone’s yard hitting a boat. As the car drifted in the yard on the other side to where I was still hanging out of. I was hit by the big traffic controlling box, breaking my hip and throwing me out of the car. I landed towards the back of the car with my right hand landing on the muffler. I suffered third degree burns on my arm and hand. When people came to help, that was only to help her because no one could fine my body. We were both air lifted to Jackson trauma center. She died on the way there and that became my resident for the next six months.

I was once that person that said there was no danger to motorcycles. It was always the drivers around you, but the one thing I never realized was no matter whose fault it was, someone’s life will change forever. In the young woman’s case, she died far too young. In my case I will never run again or use my right hand again. I urge all of you that ride, to think twice about it. It doesn’t just affect you, it affects everyone around you.

The Purchase Of Your First Motorcycle Becomes A Breeze When You Follow These Tips

People who are contemplating the purchase of a first motorcycle find it a daunting task to choose the perfect one. It gets even more difficult because there are so many brands and model in the market these days. The tips mentioned below are the best options if you are buying a bike for the very first time.

· It is vital to understand your ability without overestimating. It is vital that you invest only as much as you can afford. As a first timer you need to be purchasing a bike with average engine instead of investing in a 600cc.

· Be realistic about the needs you require the motorcycle for. A motorcycle meant for racing is not right if you require it for daily riding. This is why it is important that you know what exactly it would be used for. The feature and models must be the most suitable for your needs.

· It is vital that you recognize your options. There are so many models available that it gets very easy to fall prey to something unsuitable. Therefore you need to research all the options and understand what exactly your requirement is before making your pick. The best way to do the research is by looking online.

· A trial run of the researched options is absolutely vital. Visiting the dealer so that you can go for a trial will ensure you are comfortable with your choice. It is essential that you bond with the bike in terms of comfort, style and size too. The trial run may actually help you in many aspects.

· One of the first considerations to make is to identify if you want a new motorcycle or a used one. Anybody with a tight budget is better off purchasing a used motorcycle. Also a new rider will find a used motorcycle to be comfortable and would not have to worry about the damages you may pose to it. It is also worth considering that a used bike may need a lot of repair and money spent on it before it is used. If you intend practicing for competitions then a used motorcycle is the best option. This consideration is thoroughly worth and truly depends on the individual.

These tips are vital especially if you are purchasing your first. You will highly benefit by making careful considerations leading to practical decisions. You can also ask professionals for advice if you are having a tough time coming to a conclusion.