Finding the Cheapest Car Insurance is Only a Click Away

We all want the best auto insurance plan we can get for our money. Spending one red cent more than we’re forced to seems just plain wrong. That means a lot of us are on the lookout for the cheapest car insurance we can find. Finding it was the challenge.

But it’s a whole lot easier than you may think. By using a search engine and available quote sites you can put together information on dozens of plans available to you, testing the outcome of any number of insurance strategies. Finding the cheapest car insurance that meets your needs is so much simpler than it once was.

Quote sites give you the power to trial run dozens of different possibilities, getting fast and accurate quotes in seconds. Over the course of an evening you can put together a clear and well researched profile, showing the cheapest auto insurance rates in various categories, as well as just the a single low-ball minimal policy.

Remember, you don’t just want cheap insurance: you want the cheapest coverage that meets your needs. Anything less isn’t actually cheap, it will cost you in the end. By finding that perfect plan in the sweet spot you can give yourself the strongest coverage and the lowest price.

Do you have “issues” that need to be dealt with? A bad driving record? A teen driver? A model of car that puts your costs in orbit? You can still find the cheapest car insurance available with that in mind. By making the best use of your quote sites you can run scenarios like a professional.

When the work is done, and the paper is in front of you, then you can make the best of choices available. The right plan, the right add-ons, the right prices: the lowest cost car insurance that meets your needs. Instead of spending years paying too much for “not quite right” you can sit back and relax with a good policy for the lowest price in town.

Your car is your lifeline: it gets you to work, to play, to a hospital in an emergency. You can’t do without it. Don’t mess around when it comes to getting it insured, and don’t make the mistake of thinking higher prices automatically mean better plans for your purposes. You can learn what you need to learn at no cost and with little effort, so go for it.

It may be the most important favor you do for yourself: get online, find your quote sites, and find the cheapest car insurance plan out there that covers your situation. Don’t let it slide: do it today, and know it’s taken care of.

Sell Your House Privately

Advertise your house privately and save 1000s.

Find Houses for sale and houses for rent and other types of property for sale by private owners.

Anyone who can use a computer can advertise their property online, buying and selling property couldn’t be easier. These online property websites offer a cost effective solution to advertising your property for sale without paying a real estate agent a HUGE COMMISSION!

TIPS TO HELP YOU SELL; Always remember that everyone will see your property in a different light to you, so be aware of this when writing your descriptions and be sure to choose your photos carefully.

Try to show the best pictures of the property you’re selling, both inside and out, and always remember to include the most important photos first, for example, if you have any special features, say a new conservatory, make sure this is one of your top pictures.

You can easily work out the costs involved with going down the traditional route of employing the services of an estate agent so why not sell your house privately.

All real estate agents charge a similar commission fee but do shop around as they can differ slightly and you could save a lot of money, better in your pocket than theirs I say.

You could also negotiate; think about it, how much money will they make selling your house? Ask if they will take a little less commission, even a quarter of a percent could make a big difference to you.

After signing up with an online property website you can advertise your property within minutes and you will be adding descriptions and uploading pictures straight from your own computer.

View what your advert will look like by viewing one of the properties on the websites property pages.

Your advert will be active for a period of various times depending on the property site you choose as they all have different advertising rates and time scales.

There are many property websites online to advertise your houses for sale but do they guarantee a first page listing on the search engines? You need to make sure your property will get seen by as many potential buyers as possible.

It won’t be much use to you if you pay to advertise online and your property is only viewed once or twice, you need hundreds of people clicking on your property listing.

There are only really two options, real estate agent or online website.

Are Your Service Writers Creating Customers For Life?

Whether you run a 2 bay transmission shop or a 20 bay general auto repair business the customer is your lifeblood. Without customers we have no business. If you can fill your bays with repeat customers rather than constantly looking for new ones, it is not only more efficient but it is cheaper too.

What steps can your Service Writers be taken to ensure that each new client becomes a customer for life.

First Impressions Count
The first customer contact will normally be via the telephone. So make sure everyone is answering in the same way and in a speedy manner. No one should be above answering the phone and anyone who may possibly have to answer it should know the right way to do it.

The 2nd touch point is when the car is brought in. Whether it is the receptionist or the service writer who greets them, it must be done in a professional manner and the member of staff must look smart.

No one expects your mechanics or service writers to wear a shirt and tie to work, but they do need to be smart. Having polo shirts or jumpers branded with your company name and making sure everyone wears them at all times will go a long way to creating a good first impression.

Honesty and Integrity
Over the years many repair shops have gained a reputation for being less than honest. Everyone in the industry has to work to combat that impression. There is nothing worse than being knowingly dishonest to your clients.

If the service writer is unsure of something, ensure they admit that and offer to find the answer to the question. This is how we all expand our knowledge.

It is our job to do the required services but not more than is required. All too often a client feels they have been over charged, quite often when they have not been, and that feeling (whether justified or not) will lose you a customer for life.

Share Knowledge
Explain the tests that will be done to drill down to the problem and find the right solution. Some of these will be chargeable and the customer is paying for them, but make sure they know that in the long run it will make for a better repair and may well save them money.

Once they realize that your staff are all experts in the field they are more likely to trust your judgement and believe that you have their best interests at heart.

With good first impressions, honest interaction and some sharing of knowledge your service writers can help create a customer for life. Probably one who will sing your praises everywhere they go.

Are Rising Gas Prices Causing You Stress?

Gas prices are at an all time high with no end in sight. Just look at this memorial day weekend and how many people decided to stay home because of fuel costs. It’s getting harder and harder to get by nowadays. Not only are we facing increased fuel costs, but also the higher price for groceries and other items. More people are trying to find ways to cut costs and survive, including: driving less frequently, selling unwanted items at garage sales and online, carpooling, going out to dinner less often, etc…

All of these methods are good ideas, but what if there was a way to increase your family budget by a hundred or several hundred dollars a month very quickly? What if you could in a very short period of time eliminate your auto loan? How about paying off a credit card with high interest? What if you could quickly pay down an outstanding student loan or bank loan? If your looking for a way to increase your monthly cashflow without having to make any sacrifices in your lifestyle, would you be interested? Again, there seems to be no end in sight as to where gas prices and grocery prices will be, but you can have the ability to very quickly eliminate your debt to give you the added cashflow you need right now to get by in these difficult times. Many people are making tough choices and one of the best choices is to eliminate high monthly debt payments and become debt free!