Sell Your House Privately

Advertise your house privately and save 1000s.

Find Houses for sale and houses for rent and other types of property for sale by private owners.

Anyone who can use a computer can advertise their property online, buying and selling property couldn’t be easier. These online property websites offer a cost effective solution to advertising your property for sale without paying a real estate agent a HUGE COMMISSION!

TIPS TO HELP YOU SELL; Always remember that everyone will see your property in a different light to you, so be aware of this when writing your descriptions and be sure to choose your photos carefully.

Try to show the best pictures of the property you’re selling, both inside and out, and always remember to include the most important photos first, for example, if you have any special features, say a new conservatory, make sure this is one of your top pictures.

You can easily work out the costs involved with going down the traditional route of employing the services of an estate agent so why not sell your house privately.

All real estate agents charge a similar commission fee but do shop around as they can differ slightly and you could save a lot of money, better in your pocket than theirs I say.

You could also negotiate; think about it, how much money will they make selling your house? Ask if they will take a little less commission, even a quarter of a percent could make a big difference to you.

After signing up with an online property website you can advertise your property within minutes and you will be adding descriptions and uploading pictures straight from your own computer.

View what your advert will look like by viewing one of the properties on the websites property pages.

Your advert will be active for a period of various times depending on the property site you choose as they all have different advertising rates and time scales.

There are many property websites online to advertise your houses for sale but do they guarantee a first page listing on the search engines? You need to make sure your property will get seen by as many potential buyers as possible.

It won’t be much use to you if you pay to advertise online and your property is only viewed once or twice, you need hundreds of people clicking on your property listing.

There are only really two options, real estate agent or online website.